Mark Duggan

Content Designer

Creating impactful work for news media, public outreach, and digital marketing.

State of Colorado

Project: Application Form Redesign
Role: Information Designer

Team: Me, the SE2 Agency, state agency representatives

Tools: Microsoft Word

Goal: To redesign an application form for free school lunches. The previous form was difficult to navigate and understand. The completed form reduced information overload and introduced a bit more white space.

Challenges: The newly designed form couldn’t exceed two pages, including legally required “fine print” on page two. The form also had to be redesigned using Microsoft Word, with its inherent design limitations.

King County, Washington

Project: Web Design Refresh
Role: UX Designer, Content Producer

Team: Me, King County Information Services, Sitecore 10 migration specialists, UX researchers, accessibility specialists, and IT services developers.

Tools: Sitecore 10, Microsoft Office, Azure DevOps, LucidCharts

Goal: To completely redesign a municipal website serving over 2 million people. The project included a new information architecture, user interface design, and UX copywriting.

Hayden Data Systems

Project: Marketing Content for SaaS
Role: Information Designer, Copywriter

Team: Me, MySalesButler Marketing, Hayden Data Systems management.

Tools: Microsoft Office, Google Suite, WordPress

Goal: To introduce a SaaS product to potential clients. The website copy had to be relatively technical, inviting, and easy to read. The company needed to clearly state the why of its service, which is community safety and asset protection. It also needed to explain how its technology works in a language easily understood by laypeople.